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A minimalistic window manager

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The Maintainer of Oroborus is Stefan Pfetzing < dreamind AT dreamind DOT de > .
When you have any problems with Oroborus or just want to say that its working fine, he is always happy to recieve mail.

There is also an IRC channel on irc.oftc.net, named #oroborus, where you often can reach the maintainer and other people who can help with oroborus.


Postal Address:

Stefan Pfetzing
Federseestraße 9
81249 München


  • Michael Löffler < loeffler AT ls-itc DOT de >
    for debugging Oroborus and helping me with the transition to C++,
  • Brandon L. Griffith
    for packaging Oroborus for debian,
  • Martin Hedenfalk
    for creating oroborus-config (even if its still alpha),
  • Martin Brotzeller
    for creating the "new" logo of Oroborus,
  • Martin Helas < mhelas AT helas DOT net >
    for helping much with this site and for testing Oroborus CVS releases very often,
  • and of course all the other supporters and users of oroborus.

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